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The Castle Pub, East Dulwich

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We are located upstairs in the function room of the Castle Pub on Crystal Palace Road. It is a 20 mins walk from East Dulwich station or you can get the 185, 176,or 40 buses, which also run from Denmark Hill station, to Crystal Palace Road.

Our events although they take place in the Castle are independent of the pub and are the responsibility of Dulwich Folk.


Phone: 020 8693 1872

The Castle Pub
280 Crystal Palace Road,
East Dulwich,
SE22 9JH


One thing we know about Covid is we don't know what the position will be when any of the gigs happen. So at the moment what we propose is :

We will try and keep the room ventilated at all times as this materially reduces the chances of aerosol transmission. At half time we will open all the windows 

There are two substantial bits of research on the relationship between covid and singing; the findings are;

-Very loud and powerful singing brings an increased risk of covid transmission (think Pavoroitti and Nessum Dorma)

-Normal singing carries no more transmission risk than talking .

We suggest therefore that you should join in with choruses but singing beautifully rather than loudly. 

We may reduce capacity to allow for some minimal social distancing . 

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